Monday, 11 July 2011

Week 5 Reflection and catch up week

Week 5 Reflection and catch up week

No actual Things this week, but a chance to reflect and catch up if you've been away on holiday or just been very busy.
Don't forget that you'll need to have blogged on all the Things to gain the certificate at the end of the Programme!

Puddle reflection 9738 by CatDancing

Don't forget that you can ask any of the 23 Things Team if you need any help with any of the Things, but why not buddy up with another 23 Things participant to gee yourselves along!

You can also blog on what your thoughts are on the programme now we're halfway through. Or as Eric and Ernie might say 'what do you think of it so far?' (Blink or you'll miss it, it's a very short clip)


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