Tuesday, 13 September 2011

And the winners are..

Congratulations to everyone who has completed the 23 Things City programme!
I'm delighted to announce that the winners are

People's Choice award for favourite blog: For Your I.A.s Only
23 Things City Evangelist: Twinset & purls
Most Surreal Blog Simon CUL ILS 23 Things 
Most Improved Pater's Patter
Best Story teller 23 cacharricos for the Quixotic Tale post
Best office 2.0 post - E-Literate for the Wedding Prezi post and hilarious prezi
Best Information searching post - Why did the librarian slip on the library floor? for Googling/Binging/Yahooing post
Best new find Paper Cuts for Interactive Librarians post with a new Cool Thing
Funniest blog: For Your I.A.s Only
Judging was difficult as all participants had some great posts, some funny posts and some great creations with surveys, prezis and images.

We've also created a highly commended category for those of you who still haven't quite finished, and are just needing a bit of extra time. Please do keep going as we loved your blogs!
 Highly Commended, but not yet finished:
I hope all participants have enjoyed the programme - please do keep going as everyone who completes will receive a certificate and a mention in Library news.
This blog will remain available so you can continue to work your way through all the different Things. We'll also be posting updates and news and 23 Things City will run again in future if you missed it the first time around.


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