Monday, 15 August 2011

Week 10 Reflection and catch up week

Week 10 Reflection and catch up week
No actual Things this week, just a chance to catch up as we near the end of the programme.

Don't forget that you'll need to have blogged on all the Things (not including the Cool Extra Things) to receive your certificate and be eligible for prizes!

Even if you've decided that a particular Thing isn't really for you, please do blog your thoughts as to why you didn't find a Thing useful, or if you feel that you don't need to use it now, but would do so in future.
If you're already familiar with a particular Thing then blog about
how you've used it and how you might use it in future for home or work

To give everyone a bit more time to finish, we've decided to extend the finish line a bit.
Everyone finishing by 5pm on Friday 5th September will be eligible for the prizes. After this, anyone completing the programme will till get a certificate. And please don't worry if you won't be at City at this time, we'll get certificates and any prizes to you.
Of course if you're on track to finish at the original date (end of week 11) that's great!

The finish line is nearly in sight!


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