Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Week 12 - Catch up time

Well done to those of you who have completed 23 Things within the original 11 weeks! If you haven't finished, don't worry as everyone finishing by 5pm on the 9th September will be eligible for the prizes**. After this date everyone finishing will still be able to collect a certificate.

When you've finished, register your completion and vote for your favourite 23 Things City blog.

We're also asking you to let us know what your favourite and least favourite Things were. This will help us when revising the programme in future.

**The prizes are £10 Amazon vouchers - there are six of these to be won, so get blogging!

Chocolate Galore

There may be some other treats for everyone finishing by the 9th September - I can't actually promise any cakes, but this does look very yummy!

Post updated to reflect correct finish date of the 9th september


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